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Glamorous and stylish models with Altinbas quality!

Altınbaş continues to attract attention with jewelry with a high sentimental value. The designs of the Tesir collection, which are preferred by people who are looking for a good alternative to classic jewelry, stand out for their fascinating demeanor. Tesir necklaces embroidered with suras Nas and Felak, which have a protective effect against the evil eye, are designed with the utmost care, protect you from the evil eye. Two different suras are embroidered on both sides of the necklaces in the Altınbaş Tesir collection.

These special necklaces, which adapt to the style of women of all ages, can be bought for yourself or your loved ones. With Tesir necklaces that protect against evil eyes with prayers and are designed with the perfect harmony of gold and precious stones, you can feel special at any time of the day.

The Kaaba cover with gold embroidery on pure silk is woven in the Kaaba cover factory in Mecca. The factory is only in operation 3 months a year and only intended for this work.

Made of black dyed pure silk and 16 individual parts the Kaaba cover costs 5 million US $. Approximately 700 kilograms of pure silk, 120 kilograms of gold and silver are used in its manufacture.

The outer covering of the Kaaba is changed once a year during the festival of sacrifice, with the inner covering being exchanged every 30 years.

The Kaaba cover is woven from pure silk with a specially prepared perfume and scent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of products are included in the Tesir Collection?
The Tesir Collection includes specially designed necklaces. These necklaces represent the Surahs Nas and Felak and are intended to provide protection from life's challenges and ward off negative energies.
What is the material quality of the products in the Tesir Collection?
Tesir necklaces are adorned with gold and gemstones. The quality of these materials enhances the value and durability of the product.
Is there a warranty for products purchased from the Tesir Collection?
Each necklace purchased from the Tesir Collection comes with a gold certificate specifically issued by Altınbaş. This certificate guarantees the gold quality and value of the necklace.
What can you say about the design and craftsmanship of the Tesir necklaces?
Each Tesir necklace carries the powerful and protective energy of these sacred Surahs. Adorned with gold and gemstones, these necklaces are both visually appealing and deeply spiritually meaningful.
Does the Tesir Collection represent a certain style or era?
The Tesir Collection represents the powerful and sacred themes of the Surahs Nas and Felak of the Quran. This creates a distinct religious and spiritual style in the design of the collection.