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It’s so true that ‘diamonds are forever.’ Being a part of your special moments, the bond with diamond jewelry is meant to be cherished for a lifetime. Diamond rings have a separate fan base, with this precious stone symbolizing everlasting love and happiness. Altınbaş brings you a premium range of diamond rings collection professionally designed for your personal occasions.Here you go with a magnificent diamond rings series that is regarded as one of the best-selling designs of the modern age. The exclusive five stone diamond rings are a must-have in your jewel casket or ornaments case. Such is the striking beauty of this customized collection that helps express your love towards your dear one. This renowned Turkish jewelry brand, Altınbaş offers aesthetically pleasing diamond rings models that suit every persona of all ages.

Discover Our Diamond 5 Stone Rings

Diamond has been a significant gemstone since ancient times. Traditionally, diamond rings have always been an integral part of engagements and wedding ceremonies. As this precious stone represents compassion, harmony, and peace, it’s associated with long life and good heart health. Altınbaş five stone diamond rings depict the same features and are globally known for their quality, purity, and durability.So, when the time comes to impress your special one, you can directly head to the incredible diamond rings anddiamond baguette ringscollections of Altınbaş. The trendy five stone diamond rings feature brilliantly cut stones with artistic elements intricately crafted by jewel experts at Altınbaş. This superior craftsmanship bestows additional beauty and bling to your fingers.

What Does A Five Stone Diamond Ring Mean?

Wouldn’t you love to surprise your partner with an exceptional gift? Altınbaş five stone diamond ring is one of the finest choices representing the five stages of a romantic relationship. It’s a lovely display of five stones across the ring’s band, starting from smaller stones on the outsides and larger ones towards the middle. Most of them have uniformly placed sparkling stones embedded in stylish patterns. You could turn any moment into a memorable one by gifting this unique five-stone studded ring to your partner. These luxury rings are available in different carats and varied sizes.

How to Clean Five Stone Diamond Rings?

Though diamond is considered a hard metal, you need to take extra care to ensure it retains the same radiance and beauty at all times. The five stone diamond rings must be carefully cleaned as it carries valuable stones and embellishments. As a recommended practice, you can prepare a solution of one part of ammonia and six parts of warm water and lightly brush your ring. You can also use a mild liquid detergent and rinse it with warm water. Keep your jewel away from hard chemicals and high-frequency cleaners that might affect the color and texture of the ring. Altınbaş offers professional cleaning services specifically for five stone diamond rings by which you can restore its lustre anytime.

How to Measure A Five Stone Diamond Ring?

It’s crucial to check the cut, color, clarity of the diamond before making a purchase. Carat on the other hand only measures the size of the diamond. The five stone diamond rings will have different carat weights and may look bigger or smaller depending on their shape. Furthermore, this diamond ring’s measurement can vary depending on its cut. You need to choose diamonds that have defined cuts with precision.