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Earrings have always been a delight for every woman among the different types of jewelry. It is undeniable that earrings have the magical ability to add infinite elegance to your personality. Altınbaş brings you an impressive line-up of traditional and fashionable earrings collections, handpicked to suit your different tastes and preferences. “Crafted with love for everyone” is the ultimate vision of this prestigious jewelry brand.Altınbaş artisans are best known for designing innovative earring models and unique designs for every taste. You have a plethora of options to adorn your ears - stylish earrings made of diamonds, gold, ruby, sapphire, emeralds, silver, and whatnot. It is time to become a show-stopper with a pair of trendy earrings from the exclusive Altınbaş collection.

Discover Our Earrings

Altınbaş is globally recognized for its distinct and spectacular earrings models that bring unlimited joy. Earrings are regarded as a symbol of womanhood. It not only elevates your beauty but also activates your senses, which is a great feature. It is surreal to look back at the transformation of the earring styles. Altınbaş offers numerous variations in the latest earrings series, available in different shapes and sizes and eye-catching colours.Large-sized antique pieces, authentic gold anddiamond earringswould go well with your ethnic outfits. Delicate and elegant drops and hoops earrings will suit your western wear. You can grab an elegant pair of earrings embellished with precious gemstones for daily wear. Altınbaş earrings are truly one of a kind, supported by brilliant craftsmanship and internationally sourced pristine stones and artistic elements.

How to Make Earrings?

Designing any piece of jewelry is an immense effort. The artisans follow both traditional and modern ways. Every earring design at Altınbaş is the result of in-depth expertise, vast industry experience, and employing standard cutting techniques. However,with these basic steps, you can make your own pair of earrings at home, as a fun do-it-yourself. It is all about making a quick set of lightweight studs or dangly beaded ones.The first step is to gather materials such as a headpin, hook ear wires, and a few beads. Beads can be crystal, plastic, or glass according to your preference.Next, you need to thread the beads into the headpin. The selection of bead sizes to match the pin is important.You will use the pliers to cut the end of the headpin. In order to form a loop, you need to curl the top.Lastly, you need to attach the French hook ear wire to the bead string. You can use pliers to close the open end and make it tight to make the earrings solid enough to wear with ease.

How to Clean Earrings?

It is easy to clean the accumulated dirt in your earrings and restore their lustre. If you own a heavy piece of a luxury earring design, then you must head towards Altınbaş to achieve a professional earring cleaning service. You can follow a few simple steps to clean your gold, silver, diamond, and other stone earrings at home. The only thing is you need to take extra care while handling your treasured jewelry. You just need to soak your earrings in water with dish soap. Then, you can brush it gently with a soft brush.

How to Take Off Earrings?

Almost all of the earring models at Altınbaş come with essential screws and safety backs convenient for wearing. Hence, it is easy to remove your earring smoothly by taking off the back part with your hand. Even the multi-layered and heavy earrings can be taken off from the ear with ease; you just have to hold them cautiously and slowly detach the back part of the earring.