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Diamond jewelry is a big hit for any occasion that lights up the overall ambience, and the fascination with diamond jewelry is something unique. Altınbaş presents to you a stunning ensemble of finely-crafted diamond jewelry - bracelets, bangles, rings, necklaces, and much more. These pieces of jewelry bring instant joy to your face. You will be excited with the sparkling and chic ambiance of your favourite jewelry.Altınbaş diamond series captivates your attention with its lustrous beauty and brilliant quality in line with your expectations. Every unique diamond necklace will help you in expressing your eternal love towards your dear one. You can perfectly adorn your neckline with the most elegant diamond necklace collection. These elegant models are suitable for all ages and tastes. You can sparkle every day with Altınbaş diamond necklaces.

Discover Our Diamond Necklaces

Diamonds generally are admired as a symbol of love. This precious gemstone is quite popular since ancient times and is believed to have magical abilities. The trendy diamond necklaces of Altınbaş have unique designs that suit every personality and allow you to make an impressive style statement. Altınbaş artistry exhibits a fine infusion of traditional and modern style in its wide range of diamond jewelry collections. Its exquisite diamond necklaces feature dazzling cut stones, enchanting and coloured quartz stones in attractive designs and patterns.Any special event or occasion demands wearing a beautiful ornament that matches your outfit. You can become a show-stopper with grand masterpieces, which would add that magical touch. The signature necklace designs are designed exclusively to celebrate the memorable moments of your life. You can choose a lovely necklace piece as an anniversary gift for your partner, or as a Mother’s Day gift, or even for birthdays. Altınbaş fashionable diamond necklace models exhibit timeless elegance and make you feel special any day. It is time to accessorize your modern wear with these dazzling diamond necklaces.

Can You Wear A Diamond Necklace Everyday?

Though diamonds are meant for special occasions, you can wear them every day with ease. The classic diamond necklaces of Altınbaş can be worn with no hesitation. Basically, it depends on the design of the ornament and the outfit you pick up for the day. The final decision is whether to sport a dainty diamond necklace or a solid, clusterdiamond solitaire necklacepiece. Altınbaş’ s diamond necklace designs are safe and convenient to wear with no fuss.

Can I Shower With A Diamond Necklace?

Do you wish to retain the same sparkle of your diamond necklace at all times? However, you must keep your diamonds away from water and other gaseous components to preserve their glitter and brilliance. Before showering, it is advisable to remove your necklace and put it in a safe place. They are made of delicate materials and embellished with precious stones, so you need to take extra care of them.

When Should You Not Wear A Diamond Necklace?

Altınbaş diamond necklaces are known for their quality and purity. You can effortlessly flaunt both lightweights to heavy necklace models with utmost comfort. However, there are a few scenarios that do not recommend using your jewels, such as sports, cleaning, transportation, etc. You should not wear them during a hand wash or swimming as it comes into contact with water. Also, exposing your necklace to hot environments and chemicals would result in the loss of colour and sparkle.