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Diamonds are truly a woman’s best friend and last forever. They are bright, valuable, and always in fashion. The leading jewellery brand, Altınbaş, is best known for their expertise in offering unique diamond jewellery and exquisite ornaments for men and women of all ages. Inspired by nature, the new and innovative diamond rings collection is a fascinating sight to behold.This latest series of engagement rings, wedding rings, luxury diamond rings and yellow diamond rings capture the essence of this precious gemstone in its natural form. Altınbaş diamond rings are meticulously crafted to meet the expectations of modern women. They include aesthetically pleasing traditional ring designs and even ultra-contemporary models. A gorgeous diamond ring can be paired up with a dazzling diamond necklace and a pretty earring set to complete your wedding look.

Discover Our Diamond Rings

Altınbaş diamond rings are specially meant for your personal moments and celebratory events of your life. Be it weddings, engagements, or any form of bridal ceremony or family event, this premium range of diamond rings make a difference to the overall ambience. It’s regarded as the perfect gift for your loved ones; a finely handcrafted diamond ring symbolizes eternal love and life-long companionship. This exclusive diamond rings collection exhibits timeless elegance.You can choose subtle and minimalistic rings for your everyday office wear and opt for large-sized, solid rings for festive occasions or special events. It’s time to make an impressive style statement by choosing your favourites from the Altınbaş range of ring designs. They feature brilliant stonework with enchanting colour variations and attractive themes such as hearts, flowers, stars, and so on. You will be amazed at the super adorablesolitaire diamond ringsand multi-layered stone-studded rings, which adorns your personality like never before.

How to Clean Diamond Rings?

A professional jeweler like Altınbaş will restore the jewel’s lustre with expert cleaning service. You need to handle your diamond ring with utmost care and attention to preserve its radiance for a long time. A few simple tips can be followed to clean your rings at home. Simply soak your jewel in lukewarm water mixed with a few drops of mild dish soap, and then ward off the dirt gently with a soft toothbrush. You must keep your diamond jewels away from harsh chemicals.

How to Make Diamond Rings?

A stellar diamond ring is the result of superior craftsmanship and constant innovation. A striking blend of technical ability, vast experience and creative thinking reflects Altınbaş artistry. Every diamond ring is cautiously designed with quality and precision to achieve a dreamlike finish. It’s not at all easy to master the process of ring creation; it involves various stone cutting techniques, globally sourced materials, and many other elements in a standard workshop.

When Did Diamond Rings Become Popular?

Diamonds have always been a part of life since ancient times. However, the tradition of diamond wedding rings and engagement rings became famous around the 19th century. The bride and the groom spend significant time selecting their wedding bands for their most awaited moment. The craze for diamond rings hasn’t faded even today; it’s purely because these incredible Altınbaş diamond rings add sentimental value and beautiful meaning to the couple’s marital life.