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The world can give you a hundred reasons why you should own a beautiful necklace, but you do not need much convincing to own one. You can treat yourself with a chic and elegant necklace. Necklaces & pendants are some of the sought-after jewelry of Altınbaş. Like all products of Altınbaş, the necklaces also keep up with the latest trends in fashion. Thus, the necklaces and pendants collection may be the perfect gift for your partner as a Valentine's Day present.Nothing will add grandeur to your beauty than a carefully crafted necklace and pendant piece. It is excellent for wearing to weddings, balls, and other occasions but will also add shimmer to your daily urban attire. Altınbaş necklaces and pendants collection encompasses diamond necklaces, pearl necklaces, name necklaces, sapphire necklaces, and more to match your personality.

Discover our necklaces & pendants

Altınbaş necklaces and pendants collection, much like all of the other Altınbaş jewelry, is crafted with unequalled attention to the smallest of details. The collection incorporates different kinds of gold, such as white, silver, and pink gold, as their string. Altınbaş craftsmanship also makes use of a wide variety of gems such as diamond, sapphire, emerald, ruby, pearl, etc. Altınbaş' s very populardiamond necklacemodels present sparkle diamonds with special cuts.Every one of the necklaces and pendants in this collection will be beautifully gift wrapped when they reach you. Altınbaş does not compromise on any of its jewelry; all jewelry will be hallmarked.

How to make a necklace?

At Altınbaş, the necklaces are designed and crafted by an unmatched group of artisans with years of experience in making authentic jewelry with traditional sentimentality. The designs that Altınbaş provides range from elaborate diamonds and gemstone design to classy gold chain design. The state of the art tech is used in every stage of making the jewelry collection.The necklace, in its most basic form, is made up of three main components, the string, the clasp, and the pendant. The first and the most creative part of a necklace is deciding the string component. The string can be made from stringing beads together or can simply be a chain as the string. In the case of beads, a wide range of beads is available at Altınbaş. After stringing the beads, the necklace is hooked by a clasp, and finally, the desired pendant with or without a gemstone is added.

How to untangle a necklace?

It is frustrating to watch your chic necklace all tangled up. However, there are a few expert tricks and tips that will help you get out of this infuriating situation.Step 1: Lay the tangled necklace on a free surface, so the untangling can be done without any difficulties.Step 2: Spread out the necklace carefully so that the tangled areas are isolated and no harm is done to the necklace.Step 3: Add oil or baby powder as lubricant onto the tangled areas to loosen up the knots.Step 4: Use a safety pin or screwdriver to pull the knot out slowly. Pulling out using the safety pin and screwdriver can also be done without lubricant through careful manoeuvring.

How to measure a necklace?

The easiest way to measure a necklace is to unhook the clasp, lay the necklace straight, and then measure it using a ruler or a measuring tape. Altınbaş recommends women to choose a necklace length of not more than 18 inches, and for men, the recommendation is to limit the length of the necklace to 20 inches or else 22 inches (if you are taller), anything above that would lead to sagging of the chain.