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Jewellery collections pass on stories with distinct and significant items. High-quality craftsmanship of Altınbaş is combined with a set of gold metals, diamonds, and precious stones in these collections. Holding special meanings and values, each collection offers exquisite pieces for your loved ones. Special jewellery collections at Altınbaş include sophisticated collections such as All Eyes on You, Mariposa and Renk Ahenk. Have a look at different jewellery design options and pick your favourite item with special prices at Altınbaş Jewellery!

Jewellery Collection

Clearness, cohesiveness, consistency, and compactness are the four main features in jewellery collections. A jewellery collection should embody seamless pieces in a concise manner. Individual pieces come together to build a set of suitable fragments and appeal to certain customer profiles. Therefore, solitary items made out of similar metals can share a common theme and style. These common themes may centre around exclusive compositions in resembling designs, geometric forms, shapes, or colours. Distinct styles with a romantic, classic, or modern touch make each piece of jewellery unique. As complementary pieces, single items in a collection form a natural fit together rather than being randomly selected objects. However, jewellery collections manage to provide the customers with different options to mix new pieces with ease. Most jewellery collections include the classic essentials, namely engagement and eternity rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Such pieces are worth investing in as they could be integrated into any personal collection. In addition, collections with statement pieces such as diamond rings and gold bracelets that will add some glam to your look are also great to save for special occasions. If you want to add a bit of your personal touch to jewellery options, you should consider collections with coloured gemstones, vintage pieces, heirlooms, and name necklaces.

How to design a jewelry collection?

In fact, designing a jewellery collection requires a lot of creativity and the ability to gather concepts that will represent the spirit of each piece within the collection. The most important part is creating a story which should convey the meanings and sensations behind the collection. In a jewellery collection, inspiring words and stories come together around a common theme. A mutual design is preferred to combine each piece with one another. Jewellery collection design options may also include using similar colour palettes in distinct pieces. On the other hand, some collections could have common symbols, materials, or similar gemstones to reflect the harmony. At its core, a jewellery collection will create a consistent and well-executed line with bestseller pieces.

How many pieces should be in a jewelry collection?

The number of pieces in a jewellery collection may vary according to different factors. For example, it depends on the designer's personal choices as well as the signature style of a brand. Each item conveys unique symbols of the collection while adhering to an overarching style or colour scheme. Therefore, it is equally important to ensure that each piece is consistent with the storyline when deciding on the exact number of pieces in a jewellery collection.