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Snowflake Gold Necklace
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Snowflake Gold Necklace
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Snowflake Gold Necklace
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Choose the beautiful snowflake necklace with special offers!

Snowflakes are delicate symbols of elegance. It warms up hearts in cold winter days and brings a glittering charm. Enchanting snowflake necklaces are beautiful pieces to celebrate the uniqueness of your loved ones. Beauty of petals polished with precious stones amplifies the glamorous look of snowflakes. Have a look at the breath-taking snowflake necklace designs offered with special prices at Altınbaş. Combined with the craftsmanship of Altınbaş, snowflake collection includes Snowflake Gold Necklace, 22 Carat Snowflake Gold Necklace, Cat's Eye Stone & Snowflake Gold Necklace and Sardonyx Stone & Snowflake Gold Necklace.

Snowflake necklace charms

Snowflakes have been the symbol of many admirable qualities. Mysteriously shaped snowflakes are genuinely hypnotizing.  They are not only pretty to look at, but also a trendy token to use in decorations, fashion and jewellery. Apart from its cosy winter vibes, snowflake charms speak for uniqueness. Immaculate form of snowflakes fascinates anyone throughout their fall from the sky. Snowflakes are purely and flawlessly shaped. According to a Zen belief, snowflakes never fall in the wrong place. It underlines the perfection of snowflakes and nature. Watching each snowflake’s gentle drop towards the land is enjoyable and picturesque. It does not only signal the start of winter, but also generates a delightful and tranquil sensation. Geometrically perfect, these ice crystals are rare. Although snowflakes consist of hexagon symmetrical arms, every one of them are unique on its own. Representing the individuality of each snowflake, snowflake charms have become a stylish piece that symbolizes elegance. Inspired by the peculiar natural design of snowflakes, snowflake necklace charms embody individual perfection and serenity. Recalling the uniqueness of its wearer, snowflake charms are for those who would like to stand out. It will bring a sense of serenity and warmth in cold winter days.

Snowflake diamond necklaces

Diamonds have been traditionally opted as the most popular gemstone in jewellery. Diamond snowflake necklaces are among the most graceful pendants. Exquisite figures of snowflakes adorned by this precious gemstone offer a feast for the eye. Diamond stones placed on pedals magnify the aesthetic design of snowflakes and create an artwork. Twinkling diamonds catch eyes at a glance. Snowflake diamond necklaces are curated with carefully selected unique gemstones that generate a notable glow. Given its symbolic meaning and delicate shape, snowflakes hold unique characteristics, perfection and serenity. By giving your loved one snowflake diamond necklace, you will reaffirm their elegance and unique nature. Snowflake diamond necklaces are commonly preferred by couples to symbolize the most memorable times such as anniversaries or engagements. However, you do not need to wait for a special occasion to express the uniqueness of your loved ones. Flexibility of choosing among many snowflake diamond necklace designs is quite appealing for everyday use. Customisation of shape, size or the colour of your diamonds provides endless opportunities to ensure that your necklace matches your personality. Alternatively, you can consider other statement pieces such as colored stone necklaces, pearl necklaces, 22 carat necklaces if you are looking for a more classic look.