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Choose the perfect wedding sets with special offers!

Wedding ceremonies are special events to exclusively celebrate in any culture. Wedding sets are carefully picked pieces of jewellery to honour this delightful occurrence. Countless selections of wedding sets offer a variety of combinations made out of precious metals and gemstones. Different design options allow you to pick the perfect bridal set depending on personal taste and expectations. A special moment regarded as gracefully remembered in one’s lifetime, wedding sets at Altınbaş include Diamond Sets, Gold Wedding Sets, Mini Gold Sets, 22 Carat Gold Sets, Pearl Sets. Select the most beautiful wedding set available at special offers!

Bridal Jewellery Sets

Bridal jewellery sets are curated with utmost attention to add onto your glamorous look on this special day. Choosing the perfect wedding set is a challenging task which relies mostly on personal taste and other accessories including the wedding gown itself. Pearls are timeless staples of bridal sets which create a sophisticated look, whereas diamond selections create extra sparkles on this special day. Jewellery sets complement the beauty of a bride on the most unforgettable day of her life. Although bridal jewellery trends change constantly the one that is closest to your heart matters the most. Select among the masterfully designed diamond, gold or pearl wedding sets that match your wedding gown.

Diamond Bridal Sets


As an extremely exciting time, planning a wedding is full of romance and lots of work. Finding the perfect wedding set is a daunting task itself. Numerous beautiful selections of bridal sets to pick from offer a great room for creativity and fun. Delicately paired diamond bridal sets are dazzling pieces that are exclusively designed. Adding glimmers of the most precious gemstones, a diamond bridal set is an elegant choice to enhance the dazzling look of a bride. As a complementary set consisting of precious pieces, bridal sets are simply breath-taking. A number of important things that you should consider before deciding on your bridal set are as follows: You should make sure the set matches or complements your engagement ring and wedding ring. Picking incompatible metals could also cause problems. Therefore, you may want to select suitable metal and gemstones with attention paid to the size or balance of each piece together with the wedding gown.

When to wear bridal sets?

Bridal sets are complementary to the bride’s beauty and wedding gown on wedding day. The key to wearing a bridal set is the balance. Ensuring the right match among your accessories of choice, whether a bracelet, necklace or earring, and your wedding gown is crucial. You can highlight your favourite item adorned with preferred features while ensuring that the outcome actually suits your personality. While choosing the most proportionate pieces of jewellery to crown your charm on one of the most important days of your life is indeed important, deciding what you actually involve in the bridal set is a personal decision. You can also have a look at gold wedding sets, mini gold sets, pearl sets  for an extended collection.