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As it holds the colour of romance and passion, ruby is a highly valuable stone that has been used in jewellery since ancient times. Embracing the timeless admiration for gemstones, the ruby collection of Altınbaş intends to increase the charm of women. Altınbaş offers various options suitable to any taste and budget. 

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Have a look at delicately designed bracelets to treat yourself or surprise your loved ones with ruby bracelets or other jewellery options at Altınbaş such as gold ruby bracelets or emerald bracelets. Select among the most exclusive pieces with special offers! 

What is a ruby bracelet?

The name of ruby is derived from Latin and the word ‘ruber’ means red in this language. Ruby has long been associated with spiritual meanings as a protective stone. It has been believed to bring passion and happiness into one’s life with its alluring red colour.  It has also been regarded as the representation of romantic love and deep passion. Rubies are thought to create devotion and faithfulness. This belief is one of the reasons that this fiery stone is highly popular in jewellery artistry. 
Ruby jewellery has been making perfect gifts for special days. Apart from its romantic properties, ruby has been correlated with vitality and high energy due to its blood-like hues. Some people believe that ruby stones hold the power to balance energy in the body and protect the person wearing them from negative energies. The symbolic meanings of ruby created a general conviction that rubies promote wellbeing, self-care and confidence in life. Also, ruby is the birthstone for those who were born in July. It is thought to bring great luck and protection for people born in this fiery summertime.

Can you wear ruby bracelets everyday?

Ruby is a suitable gemstone to wear every day. It has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale which makes ruby among the most durable stones in the world. Its tough nature means a ruby stone is enduring and resistant to damage. Although you can comfortably wear your ruby bracelets on a daily basis, you should pay special attention to cleaning them regularly.

How to clean ruby bracelets?

Ruby bracelets can be cleaned at home with DIY techniques. You can easily eliminate the dullness of your ruby by soaking your ruby bracelet in a cup of warm water and mild cleanser. Let it stay in the mix for about 15-20 minutes. Then, gently remove any leftovers by scrubbing it with an ultra-soft toothbrush. Do not forget to rinse the bracelet off under running water and dry it carefully with a soft piece of cloth to ensure sparkles. Make sure to pick the right cleanser for your ruby bracelets. Since there are different types of cleaning solutions at jewellery stores, you should be careful to choose the ideal one based on the metal used in your ruby bracelet. 
Additionally, you can ensure that your ruby bracelet stays in good shape by having it periodically controlled at a professional jewellery store. You can also prevent tarnishes by taking your ruby bracelet off when applying cosmetic products or doing exercises.