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Pearl Gold Set
Pearl Gold Set
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Pearl Gold Set
Pearl Gold Set
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Beautiful and elegant pearl sets make perfect gifts for a woman. Inherently noble pieces, pearl jewelleries are timeless selections that never go out of fashion. Classic style of pearl sets embodies purity, modesty and grace. Combining the durability of gold and elegance of pearl Double Pearl Gold Sets are available at specialized prices suitable to any budget. Select among the prettiest pearl sets to complement the beauty of your loved ones!

Pearl Jewelry Sets

Pearls have been used in jewellery for centuries as appreciated gems. Traditionally carrying some sort of prestige, pearl jewellery has been associated with elegance and exchanged as a gift. Pearl jewellery was usually passed on to family heirs such as from grandmother to mother then to the daughter. Symbolic characteristics of pearl included magical properties associated with the moon. Wearing pearls was believed to protect people in many ancient societies, whereas in the Victorian era pearls represented tears as an accessory for mourning. Being such a rare magical gem, pearl sets continue to be regarded as one of the most romantic gifts to give a woman.  Comprising exquisitely combined pearl necklace, earring and rings, timeless pearl sets are must pieces that should take a place in every woman’s closet. However, as such delicate gems they require extra care and attention to prevent your pearl jewelleries from easily damaging. In order to maintain the splendid nature of your pearl set and preserve it in the family heirloom, you should follow the cleaning guidelines. Alternatively other wedding sets and mini gold sets are available for those who are looking for a more diverse set of options.

How to clean pearl jewelry sets?

Due to its great delicacy pearl jewellery sets require regular cleaning. However, the cleaning process necessitates some diligence. Firstly, make sure to double check the pearls before starting with the cleaning. You should ensure that the pearls are well threaded and are not overly stretched. Clasps must be placed properly. Secondly, you will need some warm water and mild detergent such as baby shampoo or dish soap. Beware that too hot or cold water can cause deterioration on the pearl's surface. Then, you should take a piece of cotton cloth, moisture it in warm water and gently damp on each piece in your pearl jewellery set.  It is important to proceed with individual cleaning of each item rather than letting them soak in a cup. If you want to have your pearls clean and untarnished for longer periods there are a few tips you can apply. Most importantly, prevent any perfume or chemicals from coming in contact with your pearl set and refrain from exposure to the sun. Also, make sure to take your pearl accessories off when you don’t have to wear them and store them hydrated by wiping down with a wet cloth or cotton pads. Real pearls can be subject to discoloration easily as they are organic. You should keep your pearl jewellery preferably in a fabric box or soft bag. Due to their delicate nature, pearls can quickly scratch when they touch other metal surfaces. Therefore, it is advised to have them separately in a jewellery box.