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Pearl Gold Necklace
Pearl Gold Necklace
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Pearl Gold Necklace
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Pearl Gold Necklace
Pearl Gold Necklace
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Choose the beautiful pearl necklace with special offers!

Pearl necklaces are classic and timeless jewelleries that can never go out of fashion. Beauty of pearl necklaces never fade away. As a statement piece, every woman has at least one pearl necklace. Apart from being an eye-catching item, pearl gold necklaces are valuable accessories that complement the elegance of its wearer. Suitable to any occasion, pearl necklaces are a lifetime investment. Altınbaş offers a wide collection of pearl necklaces with various design options available at special prices.

What is a pearl necklace?

Among nature's finest wonders, pearls have been worn for adornment throughout history. Pearl jewellery was often associated with symbols of status as a precious gemstone since old centuries. A pearl necklace is still the embodiment of sophistication and style. Today, pearl necklace collections vary in models whether worn in strands or solitaire pendants. Subtle charm of pearl necklaces makes them admirable pieces of jewellery for women at any age. It does not only suit any outfit, but also adds a bit of delicacy to any occasion from daytime to evening. As naturally elegant accessories, pearl necklaces can be worn to weddings, engagements, anniversaries or graduations. If you wish to surprise your loved ones with a delicate piece of jewellery,  pearl necklaces, 22 carat necklaces and silver necklaces  will surely  put a smile on a woman’s face.

How to wear a pearl necklace?

Pearl necklaces are made up of different types, colours and lengths. Choosing the right pearl size and length is a challenge itself. Although there are personal factors at play, it is commonly regarded that shorter strands of pearls are more suitable to wear casually. Longer ones are generally combined with more formal outfits. However, the right size and length of a pearl necklace will eventually be a subjective choice as there are no rules.

Pearls may come in white, rose, black and gold colours.  Generally, pearls that have yellow, champagne, ivory hues match with warm skin tone. On the other hand, silver and white pearls go well with cooler skin tones. Unlike the traditional designs, a variety of edgy models with extraordinary cuts and embellishments offer alternative ways to wear a pearl necklace in the most trendy way possible. Therefore, do not be shy to pick out of the box styles and wear your pearl necklaces to any occasion.

What earrings to wear with pearl necklace?

Wearing the right earrings with a pearl necklace can be tricky. Despite the great flexibility of pearl necklaces that conform to pretty much any outfit, picking the right combination of earrings that suit your necklace is not so easy. Inevitably, pearl earrings are the best selection that goes well with a pearl necklace and enhance the feminine look. However, it is important that your pearl earrings will match the style of your necklace and colour of its pearls. If you think it is too many pearls, diamond stud earrings are great choices to pair with your pearl necklace to maintain a sophisticated style.