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Name Gold Bracelet
£ 240

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Gold Name Bracelet for Kids
£ 224

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Gold Name Bracelet for Kids
£ 249

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£ 199

Kids Gold Name Bracelet
£ 267

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£ 213

Name Gold Bracelet
£ 269

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£ 215

Kids' Name Gold Bracelet
£ 202

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£ 162

Name Gold Bracelet
£ 226

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£ 180

Name Gold Bracelet
£ 175

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£ 140

Name Bracelets

You can keep your memories and reminiscences of your loved ones as close to you as possible while staying fashionable with the beautifully crafted designs of the name bracelets featured in the name bracelet collection of Altınbaş. They are created with the idea that they should easily be combined with your favourite clothes, daily outfits or formal dresses, as Altınbaş knows that you will want to hold close those special souvenirs at every turn of your day. You can also get creative with your personalised name bracelets by combining them with accessories such as Finger Chain Bracelets for that extra glamour your fashion sense calls for.

Choose the perfect name bracelets with special offers!

Personalised name bracelets are the perfect accessory for those who like to shine with their individuality. As the name bracelets in the selection of Altınbaş can be personalised for any taste or desire, it is even easier for you to find the perfect bracelet for yourself or someone close to you, while staying in the range of your budget thanks to the special offers. 

How to Name Your Jewellery?

Setting the name on the bracelet you are going to buy is not difficult at all in fact, it is just a few key presses away from you. On the website of Altınbaş, you can select the personalised name bracelet that you want to buy. Then you will be presented with a box where you can type the text you want to be engraved on the design. After that, you can continue with the checkout and the rest of the process will be taken care of by Altınbaş. 

What do you put on a personalized bracelet?

The answer to this question can also be the answer to the question of why the name bracelets are the perfect gift for either yourself or people that you care. Because it can be anything you want. Initials or names of your loved ones, a word that makes you remember a memory you want to immortalise, or the date of a special event in your life; they can be personalised however you want them to be, and you can carry the perfect piece of souvenir on your wrist.

What should I engrave on my husbands bracelet?

A good recommendation for the perfect engraving on the bracelet you want to gift to your beloved partner can be anything that will make them reminisce about the good times they have had with you, making the bond between you even stronger and sturdier. While engravings like initials or names of you, your partner and children side by side is always a good choice, you can also go one step further by adding the date of your first date, marriage, or simply any special word or number that is important for you. Whatever you choose, with the personalised name bracelets of Altınbaş, even when there are great distances between you and your husband, he will always feel his family by his side when wearing the sign of your love, which is already the most precious gift he has ever received.