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Gold Mini Set
Gold Mini Set
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Choose the perfect mini gold sets with special offers!

Mini gold sets include stunning necklaces, earrings and rings made out of delicate gemstones. 

Featuring glamorous pairs that can be used as an engagement or wedding set, mini gold sets offer various selections. Classic or modern, these mini gold sets complement engagement rings.  Representing the delicate craftsmanship of Altınbaş, masterfully designed pieces are available with special offers. Have a look at many different models to pick the perfect mini gold set for your loved one!

How to clean mini gold sets?

Mini gold sets are designed with the most delicate gemstones that represent elegance and purity of its wearer. As such fragile pieces, mini gold sets require lots of care and attention to preserve the uniqueness of the craftsmanship. Although gold jewellery is not tarnished easily, it can get dull and lose its spark due to oil from makeup or chemicals in perfumes.  It is important to take regular care of your mini gold set to keep its glimmer. Precious gems such as pearls, rubies or emeralds also require gentle attention. You should check the fixing of stones before cleaning each piece. There are some cleaning solutions that you can apply at home with the help of warm water, detergent, soft toothbrush and cotton or linen cloth. You need to be careful about the cleanser you are using, as some products with heavy chemicals may cause great damage on jewellery. It is generally advised to use liquid soap, baby shampoo or dish washer to soak the pieces in and wash the dirt away by letting them in water for 10-15 minutes. Then, make sure to gently dry them with a piece of clothing. If you are wearing your gold necklace or ring on a daily basis, an elaborate professional cleaning can be useful every year.

Buy mini gold sets online

Mini gold sets come in various different shapes, cuts and design choices including Gold Baguette Mini Sets. Baguette cuts are rectangular, thin and long shaped. Baguette models are often used as engagement or wedding rings together with beautiful diamonds. Numerous design options range across solitaire cuts, multiple stone settings or brilliant cuts. Baguette cuts with straight edges and geometric forms are bringing to mind the romanticism of older times but continue to appeal to modern taste as a statement piece. Solitaire gold pieces are classic, yet greatly preferred choices with long lasting glow.

On the other hand, mini gold sets with precious stones such as ruby, emerald or sapphire attract attention with extra sparkles. As each stone holds its particular characteristics and symbolism, mini gold series made of precious gemstones will have people admire them for decades. Sapphires represent royalty, virtue and good fortune with the most beautiful deep blue hues, whereas rubies radiate passion and love. Timeless and noble characteristics of such valuable jewelleries make them delicate selections to seal the commitment among loved ones. Mini gold sets can be purchased online to surprise your loved ones. Alternative pieces are available in pearl sets and wedding sets constitute an extensive collection with modern options.