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Choose the perfect kids gold earrings with special offers!

Appealing to girls of all ages with their colourful and joyful designs, kids’ gold earrings at Altınbaş have a beautiful sparkle with their delicate details. Kids’ jewellery collections represent the excellent craftsmanship of Altınbaş with diverse pieces including gold safety pins and gold pacifiers. Choose the most appealing piece from Altınbaş’ vibrant selections offered at special prices!

Gold Earrings for Kids

Earrings have been traditionally used as popular pieces of jewellery for kids throughout history. In some Latin American and Asian cultures, babies’ ears are pierced at a young age. In Hindu cultures, some special ceremonies are marked with the gift of earrings for kids. This practise is also conducted for religious purposes in some cultures. Such practices continue in modern times where baby girls’ ears are pierced right after birth. Consequently, picking the baby’s very first earrings is an occasion to celebrate in the family. Kids’ gold earrings make precious gifts, mostly given by parents or grandparents for kids. Choosing earrings made from high-quality materials is very important to prevent any possible infections or allergic reactions. 14-carat gold earrings are usually the perfect choice for children.

Is It Safe for Babies to Wear Earrings?

Deciding to pierce your baby’s ear is a personal choice. The tradition of piercing a baby's ears from a very young age has been present in some cultures. However, if not cautious, ear piercings can pose risks of infection or allergies especially for newborns. Therefore, it is not advised to pierce a baby’s ears before the baby is at least three months old. There are also a number of instructions you should follow to eliminate any risks of inflammation as well as infection.

Material of the chosen jewellery piece is a very important factor in preventing any potential allergic reactions. Kids’ gold earrings are usually the safest option. It is of utmost importance to consult with a paediatrician and have a professional perform the piercing. After having your kid’s ears pierced, you should follow all the cleaning instructions to avoid the possibility of an infection. You may have to switch between different pairs of gold earrings from time to time in order to keep them clean. Even though baby earrings themselves are not dangerous, you should pay extra attention to picking the right piece for your baby. Small earrings with loosened back ends can pose serious threats of choking for toddlers. Make sure to select the safest item according to the kid’s age.

Kids Gold Earrings

Kids’ gold earrings are the traditional choice in cultures which practise piercing babies’ ears at a young age. If the child’s ears are pierced at a young age, parents have the delightful opportunity to choose the child’s first pair of earrings. As the child grows up, she can keep this meaningful piece of jewellery to cherish its memories and can make her own choice about which gold earrings to wear next!