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Kid's Gold Bracelet
Kid's Gold Bracelet
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Kids' Gold Bracelet
Kids' Gold Bracelet
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Choose the perfect kids gold bracelets with special offers!

Who says gold bracelets are only for adults? Accessories appeal to everyone including kids at different age groups. Gold bangles for baby girl are perfect gifts, for toddlers as well as infants. A wide collection of kids accessories including kids gold earrings are available here at Altınbaş. Have a look at trendy bracelets with diverse design options offered at special prices, and choose the best gold bracelet for your or your loved ones’ kids!

Kids Gold Bracelets

Beautifully crafted gold bracelet collections of Altınbaş include many options for kids. Giving children the opportunity to express themselves and their unique style from a young age, kids’ gold bracelets are valuable and timeless pieces. These gold bracelets draw attention of both parents and children alike with their intricate designs. Kids’ gold bracelets can also be customized to be one-of-a-kind accessories. Altınbaş’ gold bracelet options include many unique designs such as Kids Butterfly Gold Bracelet, Kids Horseshoe Name Gold Bracelet and Kids Maşallah Gold Bracelet. Adorned with playful details such as dolphins, hearts, flowers and cats; these gold bracelets are beautiful, age-appropriate accessories for children. In addition to all those designs, customizable Name Gold Bracelets allow parents to inscribe names or initials to the bracelets, making them a lovely family heirloom.

How to Clean Gold Bracelets?

Despite its great durability, gold can get tarnished or lose its shine after long-term use. Gold jewelleries require extra care with regular cleaning every few weeks. Luckily, there are a number of cleaning solutions that only require household products. You will only need warm water, a piece of cloth and an ultra-soft toothbrush to clean the kids’ gold bracelets. Keep in mind that cleaning products with heavy chemicals such as bleach should not be used for cleaning jewellery. A liquid soap or chemical free detergent is all you need for a proper cleaning process. After mixing the soap with warm water, place your gold bracelet in the solution and let it sit for about 15-20 minutes. You can use the soft toothbrush to gently remove any dirt or residue that might have gotten stuck in the intricate embellishments of your bracelet. If the gold bracelet has any gemstones placed on it, make sure to consult with your jeweller for the ideal cleaning solution. Cleaning requirements may vary for gemstones, as each stone has its own characteristics. After soaking the kids’ gold bracelet, rinse it under running water and dry with a soft piece of cloth. A professional polishing fabric or microfiber cloth may be useful for the drying process.

Rose Gold Bracelets

If you are looking for different design options for kids’ gold bracelets, a rose gold bracelet can be a lovely choice. Rose gold is a mix of pure yellow gold, silver and copper, which results in a peachy pink of various tones. Whether you prefer bangles or cuffs, the rose gold option elevates the elegance of any bracelet design. Moreover, as rose-coloured gold is made from an alloy of metals, it is more durable compared to yellow and white gold.