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Choose the perfect kids gold bangles with special offers!

A trendy and traditional choice for kids’ jewellery, kids’ gold bangles can be special gifts for little girls or boys. They do not only look adorable on little children’s wrists, but they can also be unique heirlooms to be cherished through generations. If you are looking for a meaningful and beautiful gift, kids’ gold bangles are great symbolic pieces for newborns or toddlers. Browse the elegant selection of pieces from Altınbaş; ranging from kids gold bangles, gold earrings for kids, gold safety pins with special offers!

Baby Gold Bangles

In many cultures throughout history, infants and toddlers have been gifted their own personal jewelleries with symbolic meanings. Bracelets were among the most popular gifts for girls and boys. These accessories did not only serve as adorning pieces, but some designs were also thought to protect the children against evil spirits. In ancient times, children’s accessories were mainly made using primitive materials such as stones or animal hair. They then evolved to gold designs in ancient Egypt as well as Roman Empire. In the 17th century, various gold and silver kids’ accessories became widely popular across Europe with the developing jewellery craftsmanship. Inscribing names onto jewellery pieces were also among the popular designs for kids’ bracelets, bangles and necklaces.

Today, this tradition still stands with baby bangles with name inscriptions. If you are looking for a special gift, kids’ gold bangles are a perfect choice. These accessories will give you the opportunity to show love and appreciation for the arrival of a newborn. Moreover, it will be a gift to be remembered as the child grows up. Kids’ bangles are suitable both for baby girls and boys, and they are designed to be safely worn by children.

It is recommended to opt for tight-fitted bangles with small charms and secure clasps when buying a gift for a newborn, as loose pieces can be a choking hazard. You can find simpler and more minimal designs that are designed to be safe for children in the bangles collection of Altınbaş.

Gold Bangles for Baby Girls

Bracelets are quite popular and stylish pieces of jewellery for girls from a very young age. Gold bangles with birth date or name inscriptions can be personalised, unique accessories for baby girls. A beautiful as well as meaningful jewellery piece like this can be preserved for a lifetime and can always bring back special memories as life moves forward. You can choose a piece from Altınbaş’ selection of kids’ gold bangles that are masterfully designed with joyful and creative motifs to celebrate the arrival of a new family member. The collection of gold bangles includes unique pieces such as Kids Sheep Gold Bangle and Kids Evil Eye Gold Bangle, created with the excellent craftsmanship of Altınbaş.

Gold Bangles for Baby Boys

Kids’ gold bangles are essentially gender neutral. At Altınbaş, you can find a wide array of options for baby boy bangles with different styles. Design options embellished with small figures and luck charms are available as gifts for little boys. Gold bangles inscribed with the baby’s name are among the frequently preferred items for baby boys. Various interesting and creative designs in Altınbaş’ gold bangles collection appeal to a diverse age group.