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Choose the perfect kids’ diamond necklace with special offers!

Kids do not have to wait to wear accessories until they become teenagers or adults. With the kids' diamond necklaces collection, Altınbaş offers a variety of necklace models and pendants for young children. Also, you can lead your kids to explore their style with a gold bracelet for kids or a diamond safety pin.

A kids’ diamond necklace of Altınbaş is a combination of a delicate chain with a precious pendant decorated with small diamonds. Choosing one of these jewellery options for young children is an excellent way to let them personalize their outfits, and have a subtle shimmer to uplift their overall style. Kids’ diamond necklaces are stylish, durable, and elegant. Also, they are perfect gifts to celebrate something special.

Discover kids’ jewellery options in the kids’ collection of Altınbaş to find the perfect item to arouse the feeling of joy. You can find not only kids’ diamond necklaces but also kids’ gold bracelets, gold necklaces for babies, or diamond baby pins with special offers.

How Long Should a Children's Necklace Be?

The length of a babies’ necklace chains depends on their age. For children up to 1-year-old, the chain should be between 20 and 30 cm. In this way, their movements will not be disrupted. This necklace length can be used until the kid is three years old. The children between 3 and 7 years old need longer chains. A 35 or 40 cm long chain can be considered for this age group, and this length can be also used for older children up to 10 years old. As they grow older, the necklace length should be adjusted. The shorter adult chains around 45 cm can be used for 10 or 12 years old children. Buying extendable chains for younger children would be sensible to keep them for a longer time period. 

Diamond Necklaces

Diamond necklaces are shiny and elegant at the same time, and they make perfect gifts. Also, buying diamond necklaces for kids is a great start to make them have their own style. It helps them develop a refined taste for fabulous jewellery. When you start buying jewellery for children, they will start to understand what they like or not. 

Necklaces for Kids

Some kids love accessories, and they wear the necklaces, bracelets, or rings of their mothers. Sometimes they secretly borrow their other belongings to feel like an adult. However, they do not have to wait to become adults to wear jewellery. You can buy one of the kids’ diamond necklaces and let them establish a customised and authentic style. Fashion is a creative outlet and letting kids choose their outfits and accessories helps them build a distinct personality. Giving them an option to choose their own jewellery is an excellent way to provide them with autonomy. You can either give a necklace as a birthday gift or let them choose. Diamond necklaces are timeless pieces that your kid will love forever.