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Choose the perfect kids’ diamond earrings with special offers!

Embellished with animal or flower figures, kids’ diamond earrings are super cute and make babies look extra pretty. Earrings are safe to wear after 3 months of age. Particularly with their secure fastenings, earrings are at a standstill regardless of how much your baby moves. These fastenings are designed in the best possible way to give the baby ultimate comfort and safety. At Altınbaş, kids’ diamond earrings are made from gold and diamonds offering a subtle shine and lots of fun. If you are looking for a pair of kids’ diamond earrings for your little one, make sure that you check the kids’ collection of Altınbaş.

Discover the beautiful options in kids’ jewellery on the website of Altınbaş. You can find a nice diamond necklace for a baby girl, children’s diamond earrings, or baby safety pins with cute designs and special offers.

Babies’ Diamond Earrings

Before getting your baby a pair of kids’ diamond earrings, you should get the baby’s ears pierced. Piercing a baby’s ear lobe is totally safe if the baby is older than 3 months old. Also, it is a simple process when the hygiene rules are followed perfectly. Before getting your baby’s ears pierced, make sure that the place has a certification to make piercings, and sanitize the tools. 
When choosing the perfect pair of kids’ diamond earrings for your baby, go for the most hypoallergenic metals such as gold or sterling silver. Most of the kids’ earrings are made from 14K gold. It is a very safe metal, especially for sensitive skin like your baby’s. Gold earrings, especially mini studs decorated with small diamonds are adorable, and your baby will love them too. 

Is It Safe to Wear Baby Earrings on Your Baby?

It is safe to pierce babies’ ears and get them a piece of studs. In most parts of the world, three months old ones are considered safe to have their ears pierced. When choosing the metal and the model of the earrings that you want to buy for your kid for the first time, you should be careful. Also, taking care of the piercing after the procedure is essential; as babies’ skin is sensitive, the pierced ears should be kept entirely sterile. 

If you want to avoid the risk of allergies or infections totally, go for a gold earring. Gold is the safest metal, and your baby will wear it for a long time.

Diamond Earrings for Kids

Kids’ diamond earrings are mainly designed as studs so there is no risk of tangling to the baby’s clothes or hair. Altınbaş offers a range of diamond earrings for kids, decorated with 0.05-carat diamonds and cute symbols. The screw-back diamond studs are safe and secure as they will stay in place when your baby moves around.