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Ball Gold Baby Pin
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Gold Baby Pin
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Gold Baby Pin
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Baby Daisy Gold Pin
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Gold Baby Pin
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Girl Baby Gold Pin
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Sheep & Evil Eye Gold Baby Pin
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Kids' Gold Baby Pin Plane
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Gold Baby Needle
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Choose the perfect gold baby pins with special offers!

When it comes to baby jewellery, gold is the most popular material choice, and gold baby pins are among the most beautiful gifts for newborns. A delicate piece of jewellery with deep historic roots, gold safety pins have been used by caregivers for a very long time.  Gold baby pins collection at Altınbaş represents masterful craftsmanship combined with beautiful design options. Each item is embellished with unique characteristics to be worn by baby girls and boys. Discover kids’ jewellery collections including items such as gold baby pins and gold pacifiers with special prices!

Gold Safety Pins

Gold safety pins are functional items used for many purposes. Contrary to the idea of a limited use in garment repairing; safety pins have been used as creative accessories in fashion design, arts and crafts. Adding a sense of style to different pieces, they can be used as brooches or combined with other modern accessories.

In the Victorian era, ornaments for babies carrying the name of the child started to become popular pieces. Along with these trends, gold safety pins also gained popularity as an alternative delightful accessory. Since then, they have been used both for decorative purposes and as functional pins to button up baby clothes and to secure cloth diapers from opening.

Gold safety pins are lovely welcome gifts for infants. They can also be personalised by adding charms of your choice to the pin. Customized gold safety pins will add a lovely little detail on newborns’ cute clothes.

Where to Buy Baby Safety Pins?

Simple baby safety pins can be found at e-commerce websites, drugstores or retail companies. However, for custom-made designs with unique features a visit to jewellery stores is necessary. Choose from the colourful models of Altınbaş gold baby pins collection; which includes pieces like Butterfly Gold Baby Pin, Ball Gold Baby Pin, Girl Baby Gold Pin, Heart & Evil Eye Gold Baby Pin and Strawberry & Evil Eye Gold Baby Pin.

What Are Safety Pins Used for?

Safety pins date back to 1849. Initially made from simple wires, safety pins have served multiple purposes. Specifically, baby safety pins became a very popular tool for fastening cloth diapers easily and securely. This effortless and practical use of safety pins is the reason why they are still popular today.

The function of safety pins is not restricted to fastening cloth diapers. The number of things that can be done with a safety pin is quite fascinating. Safety pins have been immensely beneficial in tailoring; most frequently for securing measurements at a fitting appointment. As well as their function, safety pins have been used as creative details in accessories and fashion; they can be used as earrings or for attaching ornaments to shirts, hats and bags.