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Choose the perfect gold baby pacifiers with special offers!

Pacifiers are one of the most essential items in childcare.  Gold pacifiers are the perfect choice for adding a bit of style to this simple item used every day by newborns.  Gold baby pacifiers at Altınbaş combine functionality of everyday pieces with designs achieved through masterful craftsmanship. Have a look at Altınbaş kids’ collections that include baby jewellery items, diamond safety pins and gold baby pacifiers at special prices for your little loved ones!

Gold Pacifier

Pacifiers have many beneficial effects such as soothing or helping the baby to fall asleep. They can be helpful tools during the teething period. Pacifiers are also known to help distract babies in times of general anxiety or discomfort.

Gold baby pacifiers at Altınbaş are made from 14K yellow gold. Combining the durability of gold metal with delightful ornaments, gold pacifiers can be both functional and exclusive pieces. Gold pacifiers appeal to baby girls and boys with their various design options.

When to give a pacifier to a baby?

Introducing a pacifier into a baby’s routine should be an informed decision. Pacifiers can be incorporated in a baby’s life from birth as it is quite safe for newborns. You can also give it to your baby at a later age. The ultimate decision is left to the parents, as there is no right or wrong answer for the perfect time to give your baby a pacifier.

Pacifiers are not habit-forming accessories. However, some newborns may sometimes prefer pacifiers rather than breastfeeding. Therefore, it might be recommended not to use pacifiers before feeding time. Acknowledging the fact that every baby is unique and will have different behaviours, you may consider exploring the use of pacifiers with some room for flexibility. As always, you should get in contact with your doctor if you have any questions.

Which pacifier is best for newborns?

Endless shape and design options for pacifiers can make it difficult to pick the right one. There are special pacifiers for newborns which are designed to fit their small mouths and not irritate their sensitive skin. Apart from its style; quality, efficiency and safety are the most important factors when choosing the best pacifier for an infant. As for the material of the pacifier, medical-grade silicon or natural rubber (latex) are the best choices. Pacifiers that don’t have any removeable parts minimize the risk of choking. Also, pacifiers that have small holes on their shield might allow the baby to breathe more comfortably. Durability of pacifiers is another factor to take into consideration. In the end, the baby will decide which pacifier they like best, so it’s always best to have options. Altınbaş’ gold baby pacifiers might be your baby’s choice with their attention-grabbing colourful designs and comfortable materials!