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Eternity Gold Ring
Eternity Gold Ring
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Choose the perfect eternity gold rings with special offers!

Eternity gold rings embrace the beauty of stones placed all around the band. These rings represent an endless cycle and immortal love. Timeless and classic design of eternity gold rings makes them a lifelong investment. Gold eternity rings are found in diverse styles with different setting options. White gold eternity rings are among the most popular choices with options ranging from claw and channel settings to bezel and bar settings. You can pick your favourite eternity gold ring with the utmost brilliance at special prices for your loved ones at Altınbaş Jewellery.

What does an eternity ring symbolize?

Stones are adjacently set around the gold band in full eternity gold rings. On the other hand, half eternity rings have stones only on the band’s top half similar to five stone gold rings. Both designs are very dazzling and have been given as exclusive gifts for centuries. For example, eternity rings were used in ancient Egypt to mark the love between spouses. Traditionally given from groom to bride, eternity rings held a special meaning with its design symbolising the infinite bond and fidelity between partners. This bond was considered so powerful that it could not be broken even after death. Therefore, eternity rings symbolised the divine union between lovers. These rings were strongly associated with marriage in the 18th century and adorned with a variety of gemstones back then. Although eternity rings continue to represent endless love today, they are now believed to embody the continuous cycle of life, which make them perfect gifts for a mother’s new-born.

When should you give an eternity ring?

Eternity gold rings are precious pieces of jewellery which may represent important events and turning points in one’s life. Based on its historical meaning, an eternity ring is often gifted to honour a personal breakthrough in one’s relationship. It immortalises the shared love of a couple and witnesses unforgettable memories in a family’s history. Therefore, engagement and wedding days, anniversaries, and birth of the first child are considered such special events to celebrate in a lifetime with an eternity ring. While it is possible to choose a gold eternity ring as a wedding ring, some prefer it as complementary to their wedding or engagement ring. Additionally, eternity rings can be given for other important occasions such as birthdays or Valentine’s day. It has now become extremely popular to give an eternity ring on the first wedding anniversary, which conveys pleasant feelings around sharing the rest of your life with your partner. The opportunity to customise your own eternity gold ring with different stone and cut options is quite appealing. After all, it is an incredibly meaningful and romantic gift that will help you to express immense love for your partner. An eternity ring also makes a very thoughtful gift for loved ones that you care about the most, such as your mother. Lastly, eternity rings can be handed down from generation to generation as an heirloom.