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0.04 Carat Letter I Diamond Necklace
0.04 Carat Letter I Diamond Necklace
£ 215

30% Discount

£ 150

0.04 Carat Diamond Letter Necklace- Ü
0.04 Carat Diamond Letter Necklace- Ü
£ 277

30% Discount

£ 194

Choose the beautiful diamond letter necklace with special offers!

Let your individuality take the stage through the eye-catching brilliance of diamond letter necklaces. Delve into the wide selection of diverse designs at the Altınbaş store and find the one that will feel as if it were handcrafted just for you and adds that extra touch of elegance to your daily or formal outfits.
Having a vast collection of diamond letter necklace pendants before you at Altınbaş also comes with other benefits, such as the special offers and discounts for many beautiful models. You can satisfy your taste in accessory fashion with our trendy and brilliant designs while staying content with your spending budget as well.
Altınbaş also provides individuality and authenticity to all jewellery lovers with sapphire necklaces, ruby necklaces and emerald necklaces that are also among the most preferred pieces in Altınbaş’s many collections, as each of them has their own characteristics and flashy style choices. 

Gold Diamond Letter Necklace

Gold diamond letter necklaces at Altınbaş are created for those who ask for the perfect combination of a traditional and durable material with a charming design. With diamond letter necklaces you can wear the initial letter of that special name, which might belong to you or someone who is significant to you, in the way it truly deserves. Aside from the sentimental value they carry, these accessories will surely become an irreplaceable item in your personal jewellery collection through with way they radiate love and joy; an item to be worn with every kind of outfit. 
Gold and diamonds are a perfect match when it comes to jewellery. Altınbaş utilizes the undeniable beauty of this perfect match by combining unique gold letter necklace designs with the shiniest of diamonds, all the while staying in touch with the latest trends in the fashion industry. The smallest details of these valuable pieces featured in the Altınbaş store –even the shade of the gold used for the chain and the cut of the diamond used— are carefully considered during production.

How to make a letter necklace?

Letter necklaces are the name given to the necklace designs that consist of a letter shape and a chain to hold that shape around your neck. However, making of a letter necklace is not simply attaching a gold (or another material such as silver) piece in the shape of a single letter of the alphabet to a gold chain. Altınbaş offers all sorts of designs that carry different characteristics in its many collections, where you can browse through and inspect each item at your own leisure. Express your minimal style with simple but quality gold letter necklaces or choose among diamond letter necklaces to enhance your glamourous and unique sense of fashion. Either way, these pieces are a perfect choice for those who want a beautiful jewellery item to reflect love and dedication.