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Gold Ring - Denge
Gold Ring - Denge
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Gold Bracelet-Denge
Gold Bracelet-Denge
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Gold Necklace-Denge
Gold Necklace-Denge
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Discover our Denge collection with special offers!

Embracing the long-standing admiration for gold, Altınbaş Denge collection includes different designer jewellery options. Benefitting from gold’s top-notch quality as one of the most durable metals in jewellery design, Denge collection offers a great range of options, suitable to any taste and budget for casual or formal use. Have a look at delicately designed necklaces, earrings, and bracelets to highlight the beauty of your loved ones. Select among the most exclusive gold jewellery in Denge collection with special offers at Altınbaş Jewellery! Do  not forget to discover alternative selections of gold jewellery such as Marin and Altınbaş Life collections.

Denge Gold Necklaces

Altınbaş Jewellery offers 14K yellow, green, and pink gold necklaces curated with the brand's top-quality gold craftsmanship. Denge Gold Necklaces are adorned with tiny diamonds and geometric designs. Being the signature element in this collection, gold has been regarded as an utmost symbol of beauty and wealth throughout history. In addition, gold’s durable nature has been thought to enhance personal wellness, success, and wisdom. Due to such strong associations, gold continues to be a symbol of affluence. Necklaces are still commonly designed in gold in order to symbolise the delicate and exquisite nature of statement pieces.

Composition of gold in jewellery design also represents purity. Altınbaş Denge Gold Necklaces are timeless pieces that reflect the finest gold artistry of Altınbaş. Indeed, gold necklaces are still among the most preferred classical accessories. In addition to being valuable pieces, minimalistic and classy designs of these gold necklaces make sure that they do not go out of fashion. Denge Gold Necklace selections combine the intrinsic value of gold with artisanal design options that appeal to different styles.

Denge Gold Earrings

Expressing the optimal balance of time and quality in jewellery design, Denge Gold Earrings will surely accentuate the grace of every woman. These earrings are designed with delicacy to complement the elegance of its wearer, whether worn as solitary pieces or combined with gold necklaces or bracelets in the collection. Reflecting the spirit of harmony embodied in Denge collection, each piece appeals to modern women with great passion, charm, and power. An exquisite gold selection, Denge collection also supports women’s empowerment despite all difficulties throughout a lifetime. Indeed, well-crafted gold earrings with triangular forms are a great excuse to spoil yourself or your loved ones to celebrate little steps along the way.

Denge Gold Bracelets

Gold bracelets are a great investment to pass on in the family throughout generations. Find the best Denge Gold Bracelet that will suit your personal collection. Delicate gold bracelets will bring extra charm to your style when combined with a gold necklace. Having a long-lasting glow, Denge Gold Bracelets are perfect statement pieces to add some gentle touch to your daily life. A variety of models made from 14K yellow or green gold in Denge Collection are available for you to choose from. Numerous classic yet popular design options range from finger chains and bangles to pieces with symmetrical lines. Romanticism meets modern taste in these bracelets with geometrical forms in rectangular, thin, and long shapes.