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Colored Stone Gold Necklace
Colored Stone Gold Necklace
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Colored Stone Gold Necklace
Colored Stone Gold Necklace
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Choose the beautiful colored stone necklaces with special offers!

Colored stone necklaces are made up of the most beautiful gemstones. Adorned with elegant details marked by stone cuts of different size and shapes, colored stone gold necklaces are simply breath-taking. The collection consists of classic as well as trendy designs. Whether you are looking for a vintage design or a modern look with a vibrantly coloured stone at the centrepiece, there are many gorgeous pieces to choose from. A number of options are available for any taste and budget. Gold necklaces will surely enhance the beauty of selected valuable stones on a woman.  Select among the most romantic-colored stone necklaces with special offers for your loved one!

Colored stone choker necklace gold

Adorned with precious gems, colored stone necklaces are sophisticated pieces that complement a woman’s elegance. Every precious stone comes with its own unique characteristics and story. Deciding on the stone itself is already a great challenge, but there are certain qualities that will help you to pick the most suitable colored stone necklace for yourself.

Altınbaş offers 14K gold color stone necklaces designed with utmost craftsmanship. They are garnished with tiny stones and symbolic figures. Ruby is a romantic choice with its fascinating red colour. It symbolizes love and passion. Also, ruby has different shades of red with bright red, pinkish, brown tones or purple which give the flexibility to personalize your colored stone necklace. On the other hand, sapphires are very precious and fascinating gemstones with a deep blue colour. Emeralds are known to symbolize fertility and rebirth, while dark green emeralds are among the rarest of them. You can match your favourite stone with a symbol that is meaningful for you. Nevertheless, specific features of each stone and design will render your choice exclusive. One prominent piece in the collection is colored stone choker necklaces. Choker necklaces tightly fit the neck. Regarded as trendy accessories also in history, choker necklaces have come back with a more sophisticated style lately. This gold pendant is perfect both for daily styling and on a nice evening. As Altınbaş offers the possibility to customize necklaces, you have all the freedom to create the colored stone necklace of your dreams. Multicoloured stones matched with figures of your preference such as butterfly, infinity or heart will look great on you!

Salmon colored choker necklaces

Heartfelt and warm colour of salmon is a fantastic selection for colored stone necklaces.

Beautifully created salmon colored choker necklaces are suitable to wear alone or with other accessories. Colored stone necklaces are perfect excuses to surprise your loved ones with a small gesture to immortalise your shared love. Such precious gifts make unforgettable memories that carry on through generations. Engagement days, anniversaries or birth of one’s first child are special events to celebrate with your loved ones. You can also honor important days such as birthdays or Valentine’s day with a gently picked stone necklace. Additionally, pearl necklaces, 22 carat necklaces, silver necklaces are also astonishing pieces to crown special occasions.