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Bracelets are never out of fashion; they have been the go-to jewellery pieces for the most stylish people. Altınbaş offers a large collection of bracelets with different, handcrafted models. There are a range of options for any taste, whether you are looking for mens bracelets, traditional gold bangles, diamond bracelets, modern bracelets with gemstones or simpler chain bracelets for women. Wearing the right bracelet can change your entire look, be it for daytime or at night. Discover various bracelet models at Altınbaş and choose a customized piece for yourself or your loved ones!

What are popular bracelets?

Jewelleries hardly go out of style. Even if they do, it is very likely that the trends will repeat themselves in due time. Considering the timeless quality of luxurious pieces, high quality bracelets are likely to endure the tests of time as long-term investments in your jewellery collection.  Such valuable and popular selections include diamond bracelets, friendship bracelets, name bracelets, charm bracelets, emerald and ruby bracelets. 
Bangle bracelets are roundly shaped and loosely fit models. Gold bangle bracelets are quite trendy and appealing pieces that can be combined with wrist watches. Charm bracelets come in the form of a chain adorned with various different pendants. They are very popular for daily wear due to pendants’ symbolic meanings and the customisation options. On the other hand, simpler chain bracelets are a favourite choice for those that prefer a more minimalistic style. The basic design of chain bracelets also allows for wearing multiple of them together; you can mix and match your preferred chain bracelets together. 

How to make a bracelet?

Making bracelets of great quality is a fine work. There are many DIY options to make your personal bracelet at home with letter beads and charms, but real jewellery craftsmanship requires extensive knowledge of different techniques and tools. Design of the bracelet you want to make and the materials you need to use will greatly determine the technique. Firstly, you need to choose among a list of materials (silver, gold, rose gold, gemstones) you want for your bracelet. You also need to make sure that the length of the bracelet will fit to the wrist size of the person who will wear it. Alternatively, pre-made bracelet chains of average measurements can be found online. A bracelet bending block is one of the tools used to make a bracelet; you would need it to shape the main material of your bracelet. Texture hammers or stamping tools can also be utilized for shaping the cuffs. 

How to clean bracelets?

Bracelets can be easily cleaned at home with some basic ingredients including mild soap, warm water, and a soft toothbrush. Soak your bracelets in a soap and water mixture and gently rub their surfaces with a toothbrush to remove any dirt. You can benefit from silver polishing cloths to give your silver jewellery extra shine; however, do refrain from using harsh chemicals on your bracelets. Pay attention to not getting your bracelet exposed to any beauty products, chlorine or salty water. Make sure to take off your bracelets before going to bed, doing sports or showering in order to prevent further tarnishing.