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Discover our anklets collection with special offers!

Do not miss out on that extra gracious edge any summer outfit calls for with the anklets of dream-like characteristics. You can find them here in the special selection of Altınbaş Jewellery containing countless unique designs. They can also be a very bold choice for formal events, even weddings, as people wear them to symbolize marital status in the same manner as wedding rings in the past. In addition to their natural appeal with the authentic aura they carry, you can also find the best one for your style and budget. Do not forget to check the discounted accessories in the jewellery sale section for more options!

Gold Anklets

The anklets of Altınbaş Jewellery are designed to elevate the charm of your outfits, but they go even further with the fact that they are made out of high quality and beautiful looking gold material that shines gloriously under the hot summer sun, which makes catching all eyes on you quicker than ever.

What is an anklet?

Anklets are very similar to bracelets in their nature and how one puts them on. However, as the name suggests, they are worn on ankles instead of wrists. This aspect of these accessories alone is enough to get all the attention in a room on to them, as they are not very common, especially in the western countries such as the UK.

Which ankle should an anklet be worn on?

Although there are many baseless arguments on the meaning these original accessories carry according to the ankle they are worn on, there is virtually no underlying message behind anklets for women in today’s fashion environment. You are free to carry your anklets in any way and style you wish!