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22K Gold Necklace


22K Gold Necklace
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Choose the beautiful 22 carat gold necklace with special offers!

Gold has been admired as a valuable metal commonly used in jewellery. Maintaining its quality, it is still regarded as one of the preferential pieces in woman fashion. 22 carat gold necklaces are available with a great range of options suitable to any taste and budget. Select among a variously designed 22 carat gold necklaces to complement the beauty of your loved ones. Altınbaş offers numerous models of 22 carat gold necklaces at special prices and suitable to any budget. 22 carat gold necklace collection at Altınbaş includes 22 Carat Snowflake Gold Necklace, 22 K Gold Necklace, 22 K Fatima's Hand Gold Necklace and 22 K Tuğra Gold Necklace.

22K gold necklace designs

Gold has been valued as a token of beauty and wealth throughout centuries. It has always been regarded as a precious metal that promised wealth, prosperity and glamour. As a cherished gemstone, gold has been thought to broaden personal wisdom, wellness and success. Yellow gold has been popularly utilized by many cultures in history. White gold which is created by a mix of gold with other metals such as silver and has been a common choice for jewellery design. Gold’s durable form and continuously increased value with particular symbolic meanings contribute to its fashionable use. Today engagement rings, bracelets and necklaces are popularly designed in gold.

Fineness is a way of indicating delicate metal composition of gold and refers to its innate purity. Altınbaş 22 carat gold necklaces collection comprises exquisite pieces curated with the finest craftsmanship. Gold necklaces are among the classic preferences for women. Yellow gold is the most popular choice with its timeless style. Never out of fashion, gold necklaces are a key piece that goes well with everything. Intrinsic value of this precious metal combined with a variety of design options appeal to a diverse set of tastes. Artisanal gold necklaces are a great excuse to spoil your loved ones and yourself!

22K gold long necklace sets

22 Karat gold is a reference term to identify the purity of gold in a necklace. 22K gold necklaces are made of 22 units of gold mixed with other metals to solidify the gold itself.  22K gold long necklace sets are ideal for multilayering whether you will combine them for daily use or in the evening. Long necklaces are accessories that simply go with anything including simple t-shirts, jeans and dresses. Having the possibility to express your personality complemented by high quality of the gold, you can generate multiple different combinations. As extremely trendy pieces, long necklace sets go perfect with chokers, chunky layered ones and even pearl pendants. Embracing the versatility of long necklaces, you can give an elegant, bohemian or sporty touch to your overall style with one simple accessory. You can also match long necklaces with elegant outfits for work. Do not shy away to mix long gold pendants with silver necklaces, diamond solitaire necklaces and diamond letter necklaces.