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22k Gold Bracelets

The best golden shade of yellow that one can get in a special gift for loved ones is reflected in 22k gold bracelets. Created with the gold craftsmanship of Altınbaş Jewellery, their high percentage of fineness and purity gives these 22k bracelet gold models in the Altınbaş collection the immaculate shine and grace of gold jewellery, worthy of your most elegant outfits that you pick for special occasions. These bracelets can also be a wonderful addition to your daily looks, giving you a chance to showcase your taste in jewellery.
Among the extensive options for 22k gold bracelets with unique designs and themes such as flower of life, evil eye, love, and angel, any woman can find the perfect one that best suits their style and taste at Altınbaş Jewellery. However, if you are looking for a gift for your husband or a loved one, Altınbaş Jewellery also features a special collection for men’s accessories, crafted with latest trends in men’s fashion.

Choose the perfect 22k gold bracelets with special offers!

22k gold bracelets are the ultimate go-to option for women who want to achieve a simple yet elegant style in their jewellery choices. If you want to add a classic or modern gold bracelet to your jewellery collection, you can certainly find the perfect gold bracelet design for your taste and budget in the vast collection of Altınbaş Jewellery, with great discounts and special offers.

Is 22K gold valuable?

The purity of any gold jewellery is measured with a unit called carat (k). The purest form of gold jewellery is 24 carats while 22k gold is the second most valuable gold that you can purchase. 22k gold contains 91.67% of gold while the rest is made out of metals such as zinc, nickel, silver, and other alloys. However, you should keep in mind that this does not make your 22k gold bracelet any less valuable. While 22k gold bracelets are not as valuable as 24k ones, they are more durable and resistant against scratches, which makes them a better choice for those who want a gold bracelet for daily wear. To sum it up, the most valuable and pure gold bracelet you can get without sacrificing from its wear-proof nature or resistance to dents is a 22k gold bracelet.

Can you wear 22K gold everyday?

Gold tends to become softer as its carat increases. That is one of the reasons why 24 carat gold bracelets are less common in daily wear compared to 14k, 18k, and 22k gold bracelets, as they can be deformed, scratched, bent, or damaged more easily. 22k gold bracelets also contain more than 90% of gold in them, which makes these bracelets quite soft compared to 14k or 18k gold accessories. However, these bracelets are still durable enough for daily wear. You can match your 22k gold bracelets with different looks and other pieces of jewellery for many years to come and pass them down as family heirloom as long as you take good care of them.